I was in private legal practice for 20 years and a partner in a sizeable provincial firm for 15 of them. I lost count of the files where early use of a good dispute resolution process could have saved my clients time, money and stress. There are a range of effective, cost-efficient and constructive approaches to disputes that can help solve even seemingly impossible problems. If those processes are well thought through they tend to work. If they do work (and they usually do) the savings, in every way  "cost" can be measured, can be enormous.

To me, the value of carefully considering all available options, before starting Court proceedings and along the way,  is obvious.

Equally, using a process that ensures all stakeholders are "on board" with a business or family plan, before it is embarked upon,  can save a huge amount of later stress. After conducting scores of mediations and many arbitrations, I believe enough in the value of these process and other "hybrids" developed for particular situations, that I have left legal practice to focus entirely on developing my skills in those fileds.

My legal practice involved me in a wide range of legal issues and client needs. I have spent the last 18 months contracted to the Ngati Pahauewera Development Trust as Transition Manager assisting in the implementation of their Treaty settlement and have seen in that context too the value of effective dispute resolution processes.

Since leaving legal practice I have completed (with First Class Marks) the Massey University post-Graduate Diploma in Dispute Resolution as well as Family Mediation and other specific training  modules. I am an AMINZ Associate (currently completing the Fellowship Programme) and LEADR Panel Member. As such I work to the AMINZ protocols and am subject to their regulatory processes.

I have the experience and expertise to offer services across a broad range of issues.

  • Commercial disputes

  • Shareholder/joint venture issues

  • Mandate/ represenataion debates
  • Family/childcare problems

  • Eldercare issues

  • Relationship Property settlements

  • Trustee deadlock

  • Contested estates

  • Succession planning discussions

  • Board/partnership dysfunction

         I also continue to offer my services as a Notary Public.