Fees for mediation will always be agreed in advance.

As a starting point, fees will generally be $1,500 for a 1/2 day mediation, $2,000 for a full day mediation and  $1,000 for each additional day. Those charges include a full pre mediation consultation with each of the parties (and their representatives if the parties so choose). The costs will be shared by the parties to the mediation, generally equally but as agreed by them.

In cases of need those fees may be reduced. In cases involving a large number of parties, high degrees of urgency, complexity or value, the fees may be higher to reflect those greater demands.

In every case I will discuss fees and the means of payment  at the outset so they will be agreed in advance with no hidden surprises.

I have modest mediation rooms available at no additional charge, Where specialist facilities or an alternative venue is required, venue hire costs may be added to the mediation fees. Again, venue options and any additional venue charges will be discussed and agreed in advance.