We have worked with Bryan for a number of years through a restructure of our farming business operation involving the transfer of our farm property into a compay entity owned by family trusts for ourselves and our children. We have had him advise us on succession planning and trusts/estate issues.

We have also used Bryan in connection with land purchases and associated financing. He has assisted us with easement disputes arising out of adjoining subdivisions.

We have found Bryan easy to relate to, as have our three children who are very relaxed seeking his advice in their own right. He is able to communicate the essence and implications of the issues we are dealing with in a way we can all readily understand and make informed decisions about.

From those transactions we can say that Bryan has excellent communication skills. We  believe he has a solid understanding of farming issues as well as the kinds of inter-generational issues that can arise in all business and family situations.

Bryan has given us sound legal advice, always aimed at finding practical and cost- effective solutions to whatever issue we were dealing with.

In our view, Bryan's instinctively constructive and conciliatory approach to dealing with problems and his ability to communicate would equip him very well for the mediation of disputes involving farming families.

Philip & Robyn Holt


We have worked intensively with Bryan over the last 18 months over the implementation of a creditor's compromise involving a large group unsecured creditors with very significant combined debt.

 Alongside our accountant and under the careful scrutinyof the bank, Bryan assisted us through a lengthy process involving:

  • assembling and reporting to creditors

  • preparing and promoting a comromise proposal

  • meeting with the creditors to outline the compromise and negotiate with oppositional creditors

  • covening the statutory creditors meeting

  • preparing and successfully arranging High Court implementation of the proposal against minority creditor opposition

  • providing guidance on dealing with creditors outside the compromise/disgtruntled creditors/the Bank/creditors' committee etc

    We found that Bryan was able to quickly and clearly assess the issues that needed to be addressed. He was also able to condense quite complex scenarios into summaries and options that were accurately and clearly communicated to the parties involved so everybody understood the processes, possibilities and implications of what was being discussed.

 Though there were some quite detailed legal processes to work through I found Bryan to be practical and solution focussed. He was able to work effectively with everybody involved even though with business and personal relationships stretched, at times emotion was running high.

 Although Bryan was very much our advocate through the process, I expect that his solution focussed approach and ability to chrystallise and communicate difficult issues would be a real asset in a mediation role.

 Kynan and Nicola Thomsen

(for K & N Thomsen Limited)


We have worked with Bryan through the first phase of a restructure of our farming operation involving the transfer of our farm into a trust, alongside the formation of an associated farming company through which our sons can build their stake in the farming business.

 Bryan has also assisted us with property purchases and the financing of it as well as with our personal matters.

 Bryan has dealt with those matters effectively and both we and our children and their spouses have found Bryan comfortable and straightforward to deal with.

 We would say that Bryan understands the issues that farming families face both in terms of the business issues farmers deal with and the succession and family related ones. He has given us sound legal advice, communicated in a practical way.

  Kim and Janet Turner


Bryan, a heartfelt thanks for your leadership in the recent mediation you managed for our clients. With the complex grouping of parties and interplay of issues, it was by no means certain that a mediation would even get off the ground, let alone achieve a successful outcome. I salute your skills and perseverance.  Til next time."


Roy van Panhuys



"I didnt really want to talk about the mediation in this email in terms of your professionalism and the process and I thought after the long weekend I would send you an email however, I would just like to say thank you for your full impartiality. I would recommend your services to anyone in a heartbeat. While sometimes it was tense your intuitiveness to direct away from that is great. I was unsure of the benefits but most definitely can see it is good choice in conflict resolution-I have been in Employment mediation and tenancy as a support person but was not so convinced of the skills of the mediator and the parameters of the mediation. Anyhow, I dont envy you but certainly more and more people could use your skills and service."

Anonymous - Party


"Bryan is a skilled mediator and negotiator and is excellent to work with to reach appropriate and satisfying outcomes in challenging situations"

Barbara Brookfield - Brookfield International


"Bryan King is a respected Lawyer and Mediator based in Napier. I have been associated with him for almost 20 years as legal colleagues and have served on the Law Society Council. Iin recent years we have both shared an interest in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution. We have both completed post graduate diplomas in Dispute Resolution through Massey University and are Associates of AMINZ. I am happy to recommend Bryan."

Graeme Mansfield - Barrister and Solicitor


"Bryan is a smart operator with a view of the big picture as well as the detail of the matter at hand. Ever alert to the dynamics at play, Bryan skilfully works to identify, then resolve, troublesome issues."

Michael Morgan - Barrister and Solicitor


"I have been involved in various Counsel- led mediations where Bryan was appointed by the Court as Lawyer to Assist. We have been able to reach agreements at the end of the mediation."

Zelda Tope - Solicitor


"Bryan has been appointed to mediate Family Court matters which my clients have been involved in. He has treated parties with respect and worked hard to help them achieve successful outcomes."

Pamela Fairbrother - Barrister and Solicitor


Thanks Bryan,


Great job on the Mediation today!


Marla Alexander-Ward

Fairbrother Family Law